Family connections

DNA matches have helped me to find roots in the Orkney Islands and with more old newspapers coming online, I have learned more of the heart-breaking details around my great grandmother’s struggles in Shrewsbury’s slums that led her to the workhouse and two of her many children to Canada as Home Children.

You can easily navigate round the branches of my family here.

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Berkhamsted Maps

New on the website…

Here are maps for 1766 and 1899 where you can find out more about sites of interest around Berkhamsted, from country manors to the gasworks; a guided tour of our historic market town.

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New on the Local History page!

Until 1889, the Red Lion Inn provided stables and accommodation for travellers, but behind this façade was a story of deprivation in Red Lion Yard. Living in such cramped conditions, and fuelled by the drink that was taken to alleviate the misery, there were disagreements that boiled over into assaults, often involving the women. Read more on the Local History page.

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Long live WordPress!

With the demise of XSitePro, it’s a whole new world with WordPress. Nothing quite like redeveloping websites (for the umpteenth time) to keep the little grey cells firing.

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