Family History

These pages chart the branches of my extended family and loved ones. My aim is to make the varied and interesting lives of our ancestors accessible to living relatives and other parties.

Click here for graphic showing the family names interconnected by marriage, with more information on each branch.

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The last of the line for my family

Three families toiling mostly on the land, all striving to survive through deprivations and wars; the children making their way in the world as best they could (two of the Cheshires forced into emigration to uncertain and frightening futures); but not a single person will carry on the branches of Cheshire, Hotchkiss or Bishop. Most of them, poor as church mice, lived in the glorious countryside of Shropshire and the borders and only a handful of descendants continue in that fair county.

I’m always thrilled to find other members of our family via this website, so continue to send pictures and anecdotes of our past and present family to add to the story!