Berkhamsted Castle

Perhaps the most well-known historical feature of the town is the castle. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle relates the story of Duke William of Normandy, who after the defeat of Harold at the battle of Hastings “marched inland with what was left of his host, together with reinforcements lately come from over sea, and harried that part of the country through which he came to Berkhamsted. There he was met by bishop Ealdred, prince Edgar, earl Edwin, earl Morcar, and all the best men from London, who submitted from force of circumstances… they gave him hostages and swore oaths of fealty, and he promised to be a gracious lord to them.” The Bayeux tapestry reconstruction of the last missing panels by Jan Messent in 1997 shows the submission at Berkhamsted (Beorcham) and William on the throne of England.

Bayeux tapestry

A comprehensive display of 16 panels of information and pictures tells the story of Berkhamsted in the castle visitor room, which is open from May to the end of September each year.

Check out the Time Line which includes information on the Personalities and events that bring the castle’s history to life.

See an animated film of Castle life in the 14th century (don’t forget to switch on your speakers).

Berkhamsted Castle Walk Map
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