The Moor Recreation Ground

“In our changing town we still have a little open space which, in a document of 1616, was described as ‘one wast plott or moore lying by the river neare the Upper Mill.’ Many a ‘wast plot’ was stolen in less vigilant times by greedy builders, but right in the heart of the town the Moor survives as a favourite resort of the younger generation.”
(Beorcham, Berkhamsted Review, Jan 1950).

“Great Berkhampstead Moor, which some time since had removed from it the timber as the first step towards an improvement, has ever since been left to itself, and is now covered with blooming thistles and nettles.” (Luton Times and Advertiser, Aug 1878).

“The Clerk reported that he had obtained appointments with Mr Wheatley and Mr. Thomas, the engineer of the Grand Junction Canal Company, and had also summoned the Parochial Committee, and that all the parties had met the surveyors of Berkhampstead on the Moor with Mr. Baines, when the site of the Recreation Ground was set out; also, that as soon as an accurate plan showing the same was prepared the grant would be made. It was resolved that the consideration of the mode of fencing and levelling the ground be left to the Parochial Committee.” (Bucks Herald, May 1888).

“Half-a-dozen iron seats have been placed round the Town Moor, and have proved very acceptable.” (Bucks Herald, Jun 1895).

Mill Street_bk11644.5

Looking across the Moor to Mill Street

Parish Council achievement in its first year…
“The Town Moor, which had previously been re-claimed by the Rural Sanitary Authority, was taken in hand, and after various discussions under the able secretary of the sub-committee, Mr. L.E. Thomas, it now presents a creditable and attractive appearance to all who see it, from the railway especially. The parish is indebted to Mr. Lane for a generous supply of shrubs for planting here, and altogether this most discreditable spot in Berkhampstead a few years ago is now more of a pride than anything of the kind in the parish.” (Bucks Herald, Mar 1896).