Railway Stations in Berkhamsted

“The old railway station [illustrated by Buckler], situate at the north-east end of Castle-street, Berkhamsted, erected in 1837, is being pulled down, having for many years been superseded by the more commodious, up-to-date new one. At the time of its erection it was described as a handsome ornament to the town of ‘the Elizabethan order.'” (Luton Times and Advertiser, Feb 1914).

Railway station_1837_Buckler

Railway Station by Buckler, 1837

A lively brew…
“A liquid explosion took place at the Goods Station. A cask of yeast exploded with a loud report, christening some sheep near, and bespattering one of the passenger platforms.” (Bucks Herald, May 1876).

Waiting room at station_bk11945_231

Waiting room at station

Royal visit to Ashridge at Christmas…
“The Prince and Princess of Wales left the station by the 10.46 up train. Earl and Countess Brownlow accompanied them to the station in an open carriage drawn by four horses, with a couple of outriders. A considerable company assembled at the station and gave a loyal cheer. The Ashridge waiting-room was brought into use, and the approaches to the train laid with scarlet cloth. Lord Randolph Churchill left by an earlier train. On Sunday their Royal Highnesses attended Divine Service in the private chapel in the house, the Rev. C.G. Lane officiating ; and the Princess of Wales visited the Ashridge Convalescent Home and the Home Arts and Industries School, manifesting much interest in both these Institutions. The Prince had some excellent shooting. The Princess on leaving carried a beautiful bouquet. There had not been such a numerous and distinguished company at Ashridge for many years [including Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, M.P.].”
(Bucks Herald, Dec 1887).

Lord Brownlow placed Ashridge estate at the disposal of the Inns of Court. His waiting room at the station became the Quartermaster’s office and stores, and part of Ashridge House became a military hospital (Berkhamsted Quiz & Miscellany book, 2005).