New Lodge

Fashionable wedding…
“A marriage will be speedily consummated between Edmund Boehm, Esq; an eminent Hamburgh Merchant, and Miss Hudson, second daughter to Sir Roger Hudson, an agreeable young Lady, with a fortune of 10,000. (General Evening Post, 11 Mar 1735).

Court of King’s Bench before Lord Ellenborough and a Special Jury… an action brought by John Moore, Esq. against Anthony William Durnford, Esq. for criminal conversation with the plaintiff’s wife. The defendant had pleaded not guilty, and on that, issue was joined. The jury returned with a verdict for the plaintiff. Damages £1,000. (The Sporting Magazine London, Dec 1802, p.139).

In 1819, Hassell wrote of his tour of the Grand Junction Canal: “Beyond Bourne End, we have little interesting until we reach Berkhamsted; at the entrance to this town is the elegant seat of Mr. Pechell [Berkhamsted Hall], opposite to whose mansion is Mr. Moore’s house, pleasantly situated on the banks of the stream”.

Mary Isabella was Augustus Pechell’s daughter. She married James Smith of Ashlyn’s Hall and he purchased New Lodge in 1825. He gifted it to his daughter Frances Isabella.
(The Chronicle, Vol V, p.49).

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New Lodge

The Society’s Spring newsletter (2013) noted the changes being made to the site of New Lodge at the eastern end of Berkhamsted. The archaeological report may confirm historical research suggesting that New Lodge was on the site of the original Townsend Farm.

New Lodge was demolished in 2013 to make way for the Royal Keys development. Town Council minutes in Oct 2013 tell the sorry tale: “The house ‘New Lodge’ that was to be retained to form part of the development at Bank Mill Lane has been demolished unexpectedly without the Town Council’s knowledge and without planning permission.” Developers maintained that the property was in a poor state of repair and was not safe for renovation. There is a new New Lodge now, comprising four luxury apartments.