Highfield House

A Day with Earl Brownlow’s Harriers…
“The meet for this merry little pack was at Highfield, Berkhampstead. The morning was ushered in with cold showers and stormy wind ; but the pack, as usual, true to their time, made their appearance under the direction of the veteran Rowl, the huntsman, strong muster of the good old and true were there, coupled with the addition of some novices, who were all invited to partake of the hospitality of E. W. Fernie, Esq., where all that epicure could desire was laid out for their service.” (Bucks Herald, Mar 1861).

Highfield House_bk8856

Aerial view of Highfield House and its carriage driveway

Two years later, “Highfield House, Great Berkhamstead. Mr. Howard, been favoured with instructions from E. W. Fernie, Esq., to sell by auction, without reserve, on the premises… furniture of drawing room, dining room, 7 bedrooms, dressing rooms, store, cellar, &c, &c.” (Bucks Herald, Jun 1863).

“Mr. W.H. Hobson, of Highfield House (the grounds of which adjoin Victoria-road)…” (Bucks Herald, Aug 1888).

In 1908, “On the south side [of Berkhamsted High Street] are Three Close Lane and Highfield Road, with paths still paved with cobble stones, near to which is Highfield House, the residence of Mrs. Steward.” (William Page, ‘A History of the County of Hertford’, Vol 2, 1908, pp. 162-171).