Heath End

Lots of Ends in the district…
“Visitors are often intrigued by the large number of Ends in the district – Potten End, Gossoms End, Heath End, etc… no fewer than twenty-one on the Berkhamsted Citizens’ Association’s footpaths map. The origin of the name has long been the subject for speculation, one theory being that ‘End’ was a favourite suffix of a Scandinavian tribe who settled in this country in Anglo-Saxon times, migrating westwards… and hereabouts those stout old Nordics stayed, scattering Ends by the dozen. One End has lost its old name, for Kick’s (or Kit’s) End is now known as Kitsbury.”
(Beorcham, Berkhamsted Review, Apr 1947).

In the months before WWI, “Although there has been much rain lately, the neighbourhood Berkhamsted springs were low, and at Heath End people had to procure water from the surrounding neighbourhood.” (Luton Times and Advertiser, Mar 1914)