At Haresfoot, it was hair today, gone tomorrow…
“In 1851 there was a domestic staff of twelve at Haresfoot, with many more working on the estate. A very popular butler, Mardell, was in the billiards room when a paraffin lamp crashed down on the table. He tried to blow out the flames, thereby setting his whiskers on fire. The whiskers were his pride and joy, and their value was recognised by the insurance company. Not only was Col. Smith-Dorrien’s billiard table replaced, but the butler was given £5 compensation for the partial destruction of his whiskers.” (Beorcham, Berkhamsted Review, Nov 1984).



Lonely heart at Haresfoot…
“Matrimony – Advertiser, 32, wishes to meet a lady with £200 a year [approx. £12,000 today] or fair capital with view to early marriage; this is from advertiser himself. Enclose photo to T.M., Haresfoot Park, Berkhampstead, Herts.” (Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, Feb 1895).

Sharing a governess…
“Mrs. Blackwell, Haresfoot, Berkhamsted, would be glad to hear from parents who would care to share Governess daily for a girl of 10-12 years old for one year from next term.” (Bucks Herald, Mar 1931).