Gas Lock 2 (52)

Old Ned’s Lock?
“Northchurch Locks were known as ‘Gas Two’ [Nos. 51 & 52] because they used to be overlooked by Berkhamstead Gas works. Berkhamstead, a town which takes pride in the appearance of its canal… cleansed of ‘that odd gritty smell blowing up from the canal barges’ which Graham Greene, whose father was headmaster at the nearby school, recalled. ‘Berko’ (in working boatman’s parlance) is a nice little town inhabited by nice Home Counties types who look as though they’ve just stepped out of an episode of ‘Mrs Dale’s Diary’.” (Pearson’s Canal Companion: Oxford & Grand Union, 1993).
Lockhouse demolished opposite gas works Billet Lane…

Old Ned’s Lock?

Ox roast on Canal Fields:
Tommy Tompkins, born Oct 1908, from a long line of Berkhamsted butchers…
“A highlight of his career was to be put in charge of the Coronation ox roast in the playing fields by the canal.” (John Cook, Berkhamsted Review, Jan 1996).

Ox roast on Canal Fields