Bushes Lock (50) Billet Lane bridge 140 at Gossoms End

In 1932 East & Sons of Gossoms End won a contract to make 202 lock gates for the Grand Union Canal. The timber yard finally closed in the early 1990s, and the Stag Lane area was developed as a light industrial estate.

Narrowboats loaded with lock gates

Berkhamsted all spats and no socks!
“A correspondent says that he spent his early years in Tring and always called Bulbourne ‘Boobun’; he also called Wilstone ‘Wilstun’ and Startops End ‘Starrups End’, two pronunciations which still survive. He goes on to say that many Tring people thought that Berkhamsted was a swanky sort of town – ‘all spats and no socks’!” (Beorcham, Berkhamsted Review, Aug 1978).

Billet Lane c.1900s with Bulbourne ford in foreground

Previously, Billet Lane (called Gossoms End Lane, c.1612) was the start of the ancient road to Dunstable.