Berkhamsted Waterworks

Berkhamsted Waterworks…
“The works will be situate in a central part of the town, and, judging from the drawings, will have a decidedly imposing effect. The buildings are from designs by Jas. Castle, Esq., architect, Oxford, and will be constructed of brick, arranged with due regard to tasteful ornament and polychromal effect. The baths, eight in number, of best porcelain, embracing hot, cold, and shower, with two original vapour baths, will be fitted on the most improved principle ; and the building itself will be provided with heating and ventilating apparatus, to ensure safety and comfort to the bathers. A clerestory and lantern will distribute a soft light throughout the building.” (The Hertford Mercury, Sep 1864).

White Hart, Waterworks & Dewhurst_bk10155

White Hart, Waterworks and Dewhurst

Steam cleaning at the Waterworks!…
“On Friday morning last, according to announcement, these works were thrown open, much to the rejoicing of the inhabitants. At the works there are two bath rooms, one for ladies and one for gentlemen, each subdivided into four compartments. The internal arrangements are excellent. The engine was kept going all day. The washing apparatus attracted particular attention of the ladies, to whom the notion of washing by steam afforded astonishment and amusement. The building, which is close to the Town Hall, was very tastefully decorated.” (Hertford Mercury and Reformer, Sep 1865).