Family tree: John Andrews descendants

There is a connection between the Rollitts and the Andrews family of Berkhamsted. Auntie Joyce married George Harry Partridge Andrews, who was born in 1916 in Highfield Road, the son of domestic servant Alice Isabel Andrews.

Tarbox_Memorial_Apr-12  George Andrews - CopyGeorge’s father is unknown, but his two middle names may hint at a possibility. Did Alice’s sweetheart go to war? Was he killed on the battlefield? This is pure speculation but if the names are a clue to the father, then Alice was not ashamed of her association with a member of the Partridge family.

Alice was one of eight children born in Berkhamsted to George Andrews and Alice Phoebe née Tarbox. George was one of four children born in Potten End and he was a general labourer at the chemical works.

George’s father was John Andrews, hay and straw dealer. His first wife was Catherine Widbin and they had children David and Sarah Jane Andrews. Catherine died in Berkhamsted in 1861. Two years later George married straw plaiter Jane Osborn and they had four children including George.

Alice Phoebe Tarbox was the daughter of postman Joseph Tarbox and Isabella née Olliffe. Alice’s brother George served as a Sergeant in the 1st Bedfordshire Regiment in WWI. He died of wounds in the battlefields of France and Flanders and his name is commemorated on the Berkhamsted war memorial outside St Peter’s church.


Tarbox and Olliffe are well-known names in Berkhamsted. Joseph’s grandfather was George Tarbox, a game keeper who lived at the castle house in Berkhamsted. Isabella’s father Eli Olliffe was a chimney sweep and coal merchant and they lived at the Rising Sun in George Street.

An escapade involving Eli Olliffe

Magisterial – at the Hemel Hempstead Petty Sessions, present T.F Halsey. Esq., M.P., and Capt. Cooper…
“John Andrews was brought up in custody charged with obtaining from Mr. Ward of Berkhampstead, two slops [cheap ready-made clothes] and two shirts. P.C. Wackett stated that he went to El Olliffe, at the Rising Sun beerhouse, Berkhampstead, and ascertained that Andrews had sold two slops and a shirt to Olliffe, which were identified by Mr. Ward as his property. – Eli Olliffe deposed to purchasing… from the prisoner. – H. Timson, shopman to Mr. Ward, said prisoner asked for the articles and stated they were for Mr. Andrews, of Martins’ Pond. – Witness knew Mr. Andrews, and would not have trusted the prisoner with the goods if he had not believed that he was authorised to obtain them for him. Wm. Andrews stated that the prisoner had no authority from him to obtain the goods. – Prisoner was committed for trial, and expressed himself very sorry that he had got into trouble.” (Bucks Herald, Sep 1885).

Rising Sun_2013-11 (4)

Rising Sun, George Street, Berkhamsted

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